Tips And Tricks To Buy Plane Tickets

1. Always delete your browser cookies before every flight search.
Prevent companies from knowing what you were looking for previously and raise the price for your ticket.

2. Avoid the companies from using ‘IP Tracking’ on you.
Restart your router for your second and consecutive searches on the same web, or use a different internet connection, for example your mobile phone.

3. Buy your ticket on Tuesday.
Most companies update their systems at 07:00 GMT on Tuesday.
Most customers buy on weekends and Tuesdays are the days with less traffic.

4. Buy your ticket in the evening.
Companies assume that people buying in the morning are business travellers not paying that much attention to the ticket price.

5. Fly on Wednesday / Tuesday.
It is cheaper those days.

6. Avoid weekends.
Friday until Monday, prices are more expensive.

7. Avoid beginning, mid or end of the month.
Avoid days: 1-4, 12-16 & 27-30

8. Buy your tickets at the right time.
Most people advice to buy 8 weeks, 6 weeks or 21 days in advance.
No earlier and no later than that.
For international flights, it is advised to buy 11-12 weeks in advance.

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