Set Up A Custom Domain At Wikidot Com

I wanted to point my domain to my wikidot site.

I remember there was an option to do this in the past within wikidot…, not anymore, I think now is a paid feature.

I will show you what I've done to accomplish this through the control panel without paying anything.

Log into your godaddy's account and open the "Total DNS Control" for the domain you want to setup.

Change the address for the A record @

So it looks like this:

Host    Points to:

This change will make point to godaddy's server.

Now we need to add a CNAME record for www.
We also want www to point to godaddy's server so that will be redirected to the place we want.

Since we will be setting a CNAME for www and a cname has to point to a name and not an ip address, we need to know the name associated with the ip
This is called a reverse lookup.
The reverse lookup for, returns:

root@blackie:~# host domain name pointer

Therefore according to this information, the www cname record has to be configured like this:

Host    Points to:

The last thing we have to do is to enable forwarding on godaddy's website.

When managing your domain, click on Forwarding:

Check the box "Enable forwarding"
On "Forward to" enter your wikidot address:
Select 301 or 302

Enable masking as well if you want.

Check the box "Enable masking"
Masked title: A description
Masked description Meta tag: Personal page mario
Masked keyword Meta tag: linux system administration network apache mysql postgresql howto

After finishing this steps, wait for a few hours and your domain will be forwarded correctly and without paying anything.

If you have doubts, please read the godaddy's help:

You have to follow the steps on this document and this document for setting the A record to point to godaddy's server.

And then have a look at this other document for setting up forwarding and masking and the meaning of 301 and 302 codes

The godaddy's forwarding feature takes a good few hours to work, and I mean up to 1 day, so be patient.

Good luck ;)

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