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I have been researching a little bit about a free space on a server where I could put files and link them from as the space they provide for storage (50MB) is ridiculous :)

This is useful for many reasons:

  • If your web server is slow you can link the images from an external source.
  • You can store all other downlodable files like pdf mp3 and so on in this free space.
  • You can have quickly available files that you may need while not in front of your computer…
  • You might be able to put on a zip file and share with your friends all those pictures and videos you took while on holidays, without killing your own server.

As I said I wanted the service to be completely free and have as many features as possible.

The features for different websites differ normally in:

* Free space given
* Maximum size of the single files that can be uploaded
* Time file remains on the server if it's not being accessed.
* Maximum time file remains on the server regardless of it being accessed.
* Use of timers before downloading files
* Maximum allowed number of users downloading the same file at the same time.
* Maximum allowed number of downloads per file.
* Hotlinking allowed
* Multiple file upload support

If you are planning to use this for a more professional service, probably you will be interested in paying a little bit for your service. has released a CDN (Content delivery network) which is very cheap as well.

If any information for the following websites is missing, is because I couldn't find it.

Here it goes…
Allows to upload 2000MB files
No registration.

Download timer - Not suitable for images storage for some other website, but suitable for it's downloadable files.
* No special software or equipment needed.
* We won't lose the file and it isn't going anywhere.
* Allows download of the file at your convenience.

How often can my files be downloaded from Upload Comet?
There is no limit!

How long does Upload Comet store my files?
Your files will be kept on our servers as long as it is downloaded at least once every 120 days. You may also delete the file yourself if you choose to.

Which files are allowed to be uploaded?
All files that do not violate our terms of service or the laws of concerned countries. This means that files violating copyrights, or pornography displaying minors, are forbidden and will be removed as soon as we notice.

What is the largest file I can upload?
The maximum allowed file size is 2000 megabytes. You may split larger files into smaller archives before uploading.

What are the limits for uploading files?
You may upload a file every minutes.

What are the limits for downloading files?
You may download a file every 1 minutes. Files less than 0.25 megabytes don't count towards your upload or download limits.

Not the most reliable website in the world…
How do I embed a movie stored on myDataBus?
Direct linking of files is only available in Silver, Gold, or Platinum accounts.
Our filesize limit is 60MB and each file can be downloaded unlimited times.

Feature                    Standard        Member
Registration                No            Yes
Price                     Free            Free
Filesize                     60MB        60MB
Diskspace available         Unlimited         Unlimited
Bandwidth available         Unlimited         Unlimited
Inactive files deleted after     30 days         30 days
Password protection         No             Yes
Delete own files            No             Yes
File Statistics                 No             Yes
Hotlinking allowed             No             No

# Premium Features:
# File stay forever, even with 0 downloads
# 200MB filesize limit

What is the largest file I can upload? The maximum allowed file size is 2000 MB.

How long will my files stay hosted here? Your files will be kept on our servers as long as it is downloaded every 90 Days

What are the limits for uploading and downloading files?
You may upload a file every 1 minutes. You may download a file every 1 minutes.

What about smaller files? Files less than 5 megabytes don't count towards your upload or download limits.
Max file size 100MB
5GB of free space
eSnips communities are created to provide a group of people who share a common interest, however small, with a home. Each community is based around a specific interest as expressed by the tags used to describe content in that community
Supports multiple upload and folder creation
From a single account, you can share:

* Your kids’ videos with family members
* Presentations with business colleagues
* Party pictures with friends
* Original music with everyone
* Web research with trip partners
* And personal files with no one…
Easily upload and share any type of file.

* Your thoughts
* Files & documents
* Pictures & photos
* Video
* Music & voice
* Entire folders
* Snippets from the web
* Entire web pages
* Links
* And even create your own voice & video content online!
All files can be downloaded unlimited times, but each file can be downloaded by one visitor at the same time only.
Your Free account and all your files will be removed from 4shared only if you do not log in the account for 30 days.
You may upload as many files as you like to, but they should fit your virtual drive space. The space limit is 5 GB per account.
Currently 4shared sets a 100 MB size limitation per file. Your files must not exceed the limit, otherwise they will be rejected.
If the size of the file is more than 100 MB, you can split the file into smaller parts and upload them separately using the multi-upload feature.
There are no restrictions on the amount of data that can be transferred
The multi-upload feature which allows you to upload several files at once.
photo album
stream video and audio files
share all your account materials through the nice link like
Maximum filesize: 100MB

* Resumable downloads!
* Download accelerators are allowed.
* No daily / hourly download limitations.
* We do not block users by country or ip.
* Split archives are allowed! (and encouraged)
* No waiting for a download to start (no timers, countdowns etc)
* Our users dont have to install anything to download their files (no toolbars, spyware etc)
Max File Size: 100MB
Files Available:3 days

Why has my file expired?

Files will expire for one of the following reasons:

1. The file has already been downloaded more than the maximum allowed times

2. The file is over a 3 days old, or 14 days on the Pro and Business Accounts.

Can I send a file to more than one address?

Yes, you can send to multiple e-mail addresses if you have a Pro or Business Account.

How do I upload a folder containing multiple files?

Anyone who has tried to upload a whole folder will have noticed it is not directly possible due to limitations with current web browsers.

The way to get around this is to archive/compress (ZIP) the folder.

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